Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to my sample once it is shipped to ARQ Genetics?

Order Flowchart

Who is handling my sample/performing my requested experiments?

ALL of our research staff hold a Ph.D. in molecular biology or related field. Our clients can be assured that our scientists apply their years of gene expression experience to consistently deliver high quality data.

What is your turnaround time? May I get my data sooner?

For experiments using in stock reagents, we strive to return your data within 5 business days. Back-ordered or custom items may take slightly longer. If you need your results sooner, we can expedite your order for a modest fee. Please contact us for details.

What can I expect in terms of data? How will I receive my results?

Your results will be delivered to an e-mail address you specify when you submit your sample. Data will be returned in the form of Excel spreadsheet(s) with all the standard error and basic statistical calculations performed, if applicable and requested.

An example of the data format from real time PCR experiments with individual genes can be viewed here.

An example of gene panel / pathway experiments spreadsheets can be viewed here.

Why use ARQ Genetics instead of a core facility?

Core facilities are typically supported by the host institution or grant funding and so may often charge a lower price to the client than comparable commercial services due to lower overhead. However, base cost is only one factor that needs to be considered when undertaking a project. Private companies typically have more incentive to see that the client gets what they want, more experience, a faster turn-around time and better ongoing support. If quality and reliability are as important as absolute cost to you, then a commercial firm may be more cost-effective in the long run.

What if I don't have 1ug of total RNA?

We can certainly perform your experiments with less however, be aware that genes express at a low level may not be detected at lower concentrations of starting RNA material. Please contact us so we can get the most out of your available sample.

Can you use samples submitted at an earlier date for follow-up experiments with a different set of genes?

We can only keep samples on hand for six months from the time of your initial order due to storage space limitations. Follow-up experiments may be performed on those samples if the request occurs within six months of sample submission. After six months, you will either need to resubmit new samples or request that your old samples be returned at the conclusion of your initial order if you think you will need them for future experiments at a later date. Shipping & handling charges apply for samples that are returned.

Can I get my original samples back?

Yes. However, we do not typically return samples to clients unless requested. Shipping and handling charges will apply.