Cells and tissue

If submitting cultured cells or a single-cell suspension, please provide between 3-5x106 cells, snap-frozen and shipped on dry ice. Tissue requirements are at least 50mg, also snap frozen and shipped on dry ice.

Please insure samples are collected in an RNase-free manner for best results.


If you are submitting previously isolated RNA, please provide at least 1µg of total RNA for individual genes or miRNAs and the same amount per panel/sample for gene panels. Please provide an assessment of RNA quality or take advantage of our RNA quality check service.

Note that for samples to be used for miRNA studies, a method that preserves small RNA, such as TriZol®, must be used. We do not recommend column-based isolation or methods that enrich the small RNA population as these may either result in loss of this fraction or adversely affect relative quantities between samples.


If you have previously synthesized complementary DNA, we can utilize this material for gene expression experiments. Please insure that at least 20ng total RNA/µL was used during synthesis.

However, we recommend this approach only when a source of new tissue/cells or RNA is not available because varying protocols and reagents outside our control may produce inconsistent results.

Laser capture microdissection (LCM) samples

Please capture cells on commercial capture products (such as Arcturus Capsure® caps) and ship samples frozen on dry ice.

Formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples

If available, please submit at least four, 20-micron sections, shipped at ambient temperature, specifying sample age, method of fixation and special requirements, if any.

Fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) samples

Please store and ship samples on dry ice.

Download Sample Submission Form (PDF)
Note: Please carefully observe the minimum sample amounts required. For samples falling outside these guidelines and for all LCM, FFPE and FNAB samples, please contact us before submitting these samples so that we may provide you the best possible service. Please include a copy of the completed submission form with your samples and enough dry ice to insure that samples arrive frozen. Please avoid shipping on Fridays to keep samples from prolonged exposure to ambient temperatures.